Halo Headlines: Hunter is Playing Desperate, Bourjos Could Get Squeezed in New Gold Glove Format, Thankful Lackey Spurned the Angels

The September 21st, 2011 edition of daily news for the LA Angels including Hunter is playing desperate, Bourjos could get squeezed in new Gold Glove voting format, being thankful for Lackey spurning the Halos and much more…

The Story: Torii Hunter is playing desperate.

The Monkey Says: If he is desperate, it isn’t showing.  When he played desperate last season, he nearly ran himself into the ground and was beyond exhausted by the end of the year.

The Story: Peter Bourjos could be thwarted by the new Gold Glove voting format.

The Monkey Says: Outfield Gold Gloves now are specific to left, center and right, so multiple center fielders can’t win as in season’s past.  Speedy Petey has a great shot at the Gold Glove, but he is going to face stiff competition from Jacoby Ellsbury and maybe Austin Jackson.

The Story: In hindsight, maybe Angel fans should be glad John Lackey spurned the Halos.

The Monkey Says: This isn’t a Angel-specific post, but now that Lackey has devolved into the worst pitcher in baseball, it just reminds me that the season before Lackey left via free agency, he actually turned down a lucrative extension offer from the Angels.  Had he signed it, I’m sure we all would’ve thought it was a great move, but with as bad as he is now, it seems Tony Reagins really dodged a bullet.

The Story: More mockery aimed at Vernon Wells and his his opt-out clause.

The Monkey Says: Grrrrrrr…

The Story: A quick look at the minor league numbers of this year’s Angels draft class.

The Monkey Says: Cron and Maronde are the most prominent names to remember and they are definitely off to fast starts and since both are college prospects, they could rocket up through the Angel system, Cron especially.

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