Halo Headlines: Mets Want Bourjos in a Trade for Wright, Servais Hired as Assistant General Manager, Bulger, Navarro and Pettit Granted Free Agency

The November 7th, 2011 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including the Mets want Bourjos for Wright (good luck with that), Scott Servais hired as assistant general manager, Bulger, Pettit and Navarro amongst 13 Angels granted minor league free agency and much more…

The Story: The Mets might want Peter Bourjos as a centerpiece in a trade for David Wright.

The Monkey Says: That’s just laughable, especially when the article says the Mets would want Bourjos AND two of the top pitching prospects in the Angel organization.  A Wright-for-Bourjos deal straight up isn’t even one they would take at this point.  I guess you can’t blame the Mets for asking though.  DiPoto is new to the organization, so they can always hope that he somehow undervalues Bourjos.  Even if he does, the Mets have to also home DiPoto somehow is jonesing to get his hands on an expensive, poor fielding third baseman with declining production and a bad back that is one year away from free agency.  I really hope this is just the columnist throwing crap against the wall because if the Mets think they are getting anywhere near this much value in return for Wright from any team, they are fooling themselves.

The Story: The Angels have hired former big league catcher Scott Servais away from the Texas Rangers front office to serve as their new assistant general manager.

The Monkey Says: Servais was Texas’ player development director which is impressive given how great the Rangers farm system currently is.  Once again, DiPoto hires someone with more of a scouting background, but at least he made the Rangers weaker in the process, so scoreboard for Jerry.

The Story: Jason Bulger, Chris Pettit and Efren Navarro were amongst 13 Angels granted minor league free agency.

The Monkey Says: The moves create a few openings on the Angels 40-man roster.  Joining those three in free agency will be Gil Velazquez, the immortal Paul McAnulty, Freddy Sandoval, Eric Junge, Cole Armstrong, Anel de los Santos, Orlando Mercado, P.J. Phillips, Jeff Baisley and Kevin Melillo.  Some of them will likely be re-signed to minor league deals, but nobody there is really a big loss.

The Story: Third base prospect Luis Jimenez was added to the 40-man roster.

The Monkey Says: Lucho had a big year in Double-A this season, so he could be in line for a September call-up and maybe a shot at the 2013 starting job at third base.  The 40-man roster now stands at 36 players.

The Story: Torii Hunter and his sons take to Twitter to regale us with their hilarious recounting of the earthquake in the Oklahoma area this last weekend.

The Monkey Says: I like how Torii claims he was about to get busy with his wife before the quake hit but then his sons outed him for being mid-bowel movement instead.  On a related note, I am never going to let my daughter use social media.

The Story: Peter Bourjos projects to be a right-handed version of Ray Lankford.

The Monkey Says: Between Lankford, who was pretty good in his day, and some of the other comps in that article, I think my budding mancrush on Speedy Petey is well justified, though I don’t think Bourjos is ever going to his 30+ homers like Lankford did.

The Story: Torii Hunter won the MLBPAA’s Heart and Hustle Award for playing the game with passion.

The Monkey Says: Hunter was a surprised to receive the award.  I was surprised to learn the award existed.

The Story: Fangraphs presents their top 15 Angels prospects.

The Monkey Says: Yep, it is officially prospect list season.  Speaking of which, the MWaH/LAAI top 30 Angels prospect list continues with our #25 prospect later today.

The Story: Apply now for the 2012 Angels Strike Force.

The Monkey Says: Are you a pretty girl who has a always wanted to pelt people with t-shirts?  Then this is the job for you!

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