Halo Headlines: Pineiro Demoted to the Bullpen, Former Angel DeCinces Guilty of Insider Trading, Abreu Can’t Figure Out His Slump

The August 5th, 2011 edition of daily news for the LA Angels including Pineiro demoted to the bullpen, Abreu can’t figure out his slump, former Angel Doug DeCinces busted for insider trading and much more…

The Story: Joel Pineiro has been officially demoted to the bullpen.

The Monkey Says: This was inevitable and definitely the correct choice.  The Angels aren’t saying who will take his spot in the rotation, but I really hope it isn’t Hisanori Takahashi since he isn’t stretched out enough to go deep into to games and also a guy who might be overexposed facing a lineup full of righties, although his platoon splits aren’t that bad thus far this year.

The Story: Former Angel Doug DeCinces must pay $2.5 million after getting busted for insider trading.

The Monkey Says: Wow, that is one big chunk of change.  I’m almost more impressed that DeCinces actually has that kind of scratch lying around to be able to pay the fine.

The Story: Bobby Abreu can’t figure out his lengthy slump.

The Monkey Says: You’re old, Bobby.  There, I solved it.  You can thank me later.

The Story: With CJ Cron blowing up in rookie ball, the Angels are glad to ahve the problem of too many slugging first baseman in their pipeline.

The Monkey Says: This story is supposed to give you the warm and fuzzies, but allow me to defecate all over that.  First off, Cron is just in rookie ball and has a long way to go before we will know what he will amount to.  Second, Trumbo has great power, but he has some holes in his game that need to be addressed.  Third, the whole premise of this supposed logjam is that Kendrys Morales comes back strong when, in fact, we don’t know if he will ever even come back at all.

The Story: Joel Pineiro won the Annual Angels Cooking Challenge.

The Monkey Says: Well, at least Joel might have a second career he can fallback on if he doesn’t figure out how it is he forgot how to pitch.

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