Halo Headlines: Reagins Knew Napoli Would End Up in Texas, Wells Takes His Case to Twitter, Looking At What New AGM Servais Brings to the Table

The November 9th, 2011 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Reagins knew Napoli would end up in Texas, Vernon Wells pleads his case on Twitter, looking at what new AGM Scott Servais brings to the Angel front office and much more…

The Story: Tony Reagins confesses he knew that Toronto was going to flip Mike Napoli to Texas.

The Monkey Says: This admission is a double-edged sword.  We know that Texas asked for Napoli directly from the Angels at one point, so Reagins clearly knew the Rangers were interested.  So, knowing that, Reagins would have been stupid if he didn’t know there was a good chance the Jays would flip Napoli to the Rangers.  By the same token, Reagins could also be considered stupid for making the Napoli trade with knowledge that Napoli would wind up in Texas.  The smart thing for him to do then would have been to trade Napoli to some other team that would actually hold on to him.

The Story: Vernon Wells pleads his case on Twitter that he will perform better next season.

The Monkey Says: It is great to see that Vernon is trying to think positive and get back on his game, but at the same time it bothers me that he is so concerned about it that he has to tweet with random fans about it on Twitter.

The Story: The inside scoop on what new AGM Scott Servais brings to the table.

The Monkey Says: The more I read about Servais, the more it seems like the Halos added a tremendous asset to their front office.  Heck, he might even be the guy who can finally get through to Scioscia on how he handles his catchers.

The Story: Jered Weaver will be inducted into the Long Beach State Hall of Fame today.

The Monkey Says: I think this was reported earlier this year, but hey, it is a slow news day.  Go Dirtbags!

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