Halo Headlines: Rockies Also Asked For Izturis, Angels Might Make Offer to Aramis Ramirez, Iannetta Could Get Contract Extension

The December 2nd, 2011 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Rockies also wanted Izturis, Angels expected to make an offer to Aramis Ramirez soon, Halos want to talk extension with Iannetta and much more…

The Story: The Rockies discussed Maicer Izturis and John Hellweg as part of the Chris Iannetta trade negotiations.

The Monkey Says: I would’ve been pissed if the gave up Hellweg since he has “win the lottery” potential.  As for Izturis, I feel like they can get more for him.  In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Angels and Rockies talk Izturis again with the Halos possibly targeting Huston Street.

The Story: The Angels met with free agent 3B Aramis Ramirez this week and are expected to make an offer to him soon.

The Monkey Says: Dipoto severely downplays his interest in Ramirez whenever he is asked, so it remains to be seen if their interest is as real as reported.  Part of me still think Ramirez’s agent is overhyping the Angels’ interest to drive up Ramirez’s price, but this report seems pretty rock solid.  I’m not a big fan of such a deal, especially since it would knock the Angels out of the C.J. Wilson bidding.  Either way, it sounds like both players will sign during the upcoming Winter Meetings.

The Story: Before trading for Chris Iannetta, the Angels asked for a window to work out an extension with the catcher.

The Monkey Says: One can only assume that they will start extension talks with him as soon as possible.  This news definitely does not bode well for Hank Conger’s future with the organization.

The Story: Jeff Mathis is now in limbo with the Angels, but could draw interest if the Halos let him go.

The Monkey Says: Dipoto is playing coy with Mathis even though it seems Jeff will get non-tendered for sure now.  However, today there were already rumors that the Orioles and Mets might have interest in Mathis.  The O’s ended up trading for the similarly skilled Taylor Teagarden instead.  While Mathis’ potential $2 million arbitration contract makes him less valuable, there is a tiny chance that someone would be willing to trade for Mathis before he gets non-tendered, thus explaining why Dipoto’s cryptic statements on Mathis’ future.

The Story: Which team would say no to a David Wright for Peter Bourjos and Garrett Richards trade?

The Monkey Says: Not that this is an actual trade being talked about, it is pure fantasy designed to draw page views.  Funnily enough, the vote is overwhelmingly in favor of the Mets being the ones to say no even though I think most Angel fans would vote no on it too.  Heck, I’d vote no for Bourjos for Wright straight up.  The whole idea of this just makes me angry.

The Story: Eric Karabell predicts Garrett Richards will make 29 pretty decent starts for the Angels this season.

The Monkey Says: If that comes to pass, then it means the Angels either failed to add any free agent starter help or Jerome Williams fell on his face early in the season.  I’m going to go ahead and disagree on both counts.

The Story: Angel greats Rod Carew, Bobby Grich and Doug Decinces will be signing autographs at the Angels Team Store this month.

The Monkey Says: OK, those are signings worth going to.

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