Halo Headlines: Weaver to Start On Three Days Rest This Sunday, Angels Could Pursue Jose Reyes, Jeremy Moore’s Unlikely Path to the Majors

The September 14th, 2011 edition of daily news for the LA Angels including Weaver to start on short rest this Sunday, Angels could pursue Jose Reyes in free agency, a look at Jeremy Moore’s late start in baseball and much more…

The Story: Jered Weaver will most likely start on short rest this Sunday against Baltimore.

The Monkey Says: The team hasn’t made it official, but it is going to happen, assuming that Weaver doesn’t throw a ton of pitches tomorrow, but that is something Scioscia can control, so expect to see Weaver work on three days rest this weekend.

The Story: The Angels could be suitors for Jose Reyes this off-season.

The Monkey Says: I still don’t like that idea, but I like it more than I did two months ago.  Part of the reason I don’t like it is the injury history of Reyes and the other is the questionable trade value of Aybar.  Personally, I think the Halos would be better off signing a third baseman like Aramis Ramirez to a two or three-year deal and then platooning Izturis and Aybar at short.

The Story: A look back at Jeremy Moore’s late start to his baseball career and subsequent development.

The Monkey Says: I had always heard that Moore was considered “raw” but had no idea just how raw he really was.  I’m still not sure that makes his likelihood of becoming something other than a fourth outfielder any better, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

The Story: The Giants have no recollection of calling Jerome Williams “Jeremy.”

The Monkey Says: Liars.  I even have a vague recollection myself of being told that his name was actually pronounced “Jeremy” and I just chalked it up to being some weird Hawaiian thing.  I don’t blame the Giants for playing dumb though; it has to be embarrassing to not know the name of one your players.  That would be like the Angels misspelling the first name of their franchise slugger for several years… oh, wait.

The Story: Jerome Williams is thriving due to an uncanny knack to keep the ball down in the zone.

The Monkey Says: The question is whether or not it is sustainable.  By that I mean his ability to keep with that kind of command but also to keep generating swing-and-misses.  One would think that hitters will adjust before long once they get a new scouting report on Williams and start laying off those pitches on the corners.

The Story: Jeff Mathis is slugging his way back into the lineup.

The Monkey Says: I think Lyle Spence might’ve came in his pants while writing that post.  I probably should mention that this entire article is predicated on Mathis having one good offensive game and that his OPS for September is still just .538.  So, yeah, you can go ahead and take it easy with the “slugging” references, Lyle.

The Story: Former Angel Robb Quinlan has moved on to become a hitting instructor at his alma mater, the University of Minnesota.

The Monkey Says: Quinlan might be the only player that Scioscia ever had as big an inexplicable man-crush on as Jeff Mathis.  I’m glad to see he is finding something to do now that his time in the majors is over and even more glad that he won’t be getting yet another spring training invite from the Halos this February.

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