The Angels Signed Someone! Oh… It’s Just LaTroy Hawkins

Glory Hallelujah!  The Angels finally made a signing!!!

Is it Pujols?  Ummm, no.

OK, so it must be Wilson, right?  Not quite.

Then who is it?

It’s LaTroy Hawkins.  Yeah, I know.  Alden Gonzalez has all the “juicy” details

Alden Gonzalez Baseball source confirms it’s a one-year, $3M deal for LaTroy Hawkins. Still pending a physical.

So, yay.  The Angels have more bullpen depth.  Given the small investment in Hawkins, I’d say there is still a chance they add more depth if the right bargain comes along, but now they also could just stand pat with what they have and hope that Hawkins defies Father Time for another season, that Walden improves and that Mike Scioscia becomes cognizant of the existence of Rich Thompson.

Garrett Wilson

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