Multiple Choice Monday: Can Kazmir Comeback?

Just when we thought we were nearing some sort of conclusion to the saga that is Scott Kazmir’s Angel career, the much-maligned pitcher goes and “injures” his back.  This development certainly adds a new dimension to the debate that rages around what should be done with the embattled former ace, and with that in mind, how will this drama all playout once Kazmir does comeback?

Scott Kazmir

Time to vote!

  1. Absolutely, a back injury would explain away many of his struggles.  If he can get that taken care of, there is no reason he can’t be a decent pitcher again.
  2. Maybe.  The back injury isn’t helping things, but he was struggling before hand, so it is hard to say.  Only time will tell.
  3. Probably not.  Kazmir’s problems run much, much deeper than a little back stiffness.  This injury only delays his the inevitable demise of his Angel career.
  4. Comeback from what?  We all know the injury was fabricated so that he could be sent to the minors without embarrasing him.  Someone find the nearest fork and stick in Kaz’s back, because the dude is done.  Don’t even bother bringing him back from the minors.

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