Multiple Choice Monday: How Much Do You Hate the Rangers?

People say that “hate” is a strong word, but I really hate the Texas Rangers.  I used to not care about them all that much, but in the last few years, they have quickly grown into the Angels biggest and most loathsome rival.

Why?  There is no one reason, but rather a series of offenses that have turned them from a mere nuisance into a hated foe:

  • Pompous Josh Hamilton and his BS excuses about not being able to hit during the day because he has blue eyes
  • Ian Kinsler and his general punkass nature
  • Adrian Beltre glowering at everyone all the time, especially when they touch his head (spuring the Angels in free agency didn’t help)
  • The Rangers always busting out their red alternate jerseys whenever they play the Halos
  • CJ Wilson always running his mouth
  • Texas somehow acquiring Cliff Lee at the 2010 trade deadline despite being bankrupt
  • That stupid “deer antlers” hand signal
  • Southern California vs. Texas, possibly two of the most different major markets in the country

I could go on and on about this, but what really chaps my ass right now is that the Halos were on a real tear the last few weeks and STILL lost ground on the Rangers because those jerkwads had to go and win 11 games in a row.  The question I want to put to the rest of you though is if you share in my hatred for the Rangers and, if so, how deep does that hate run?

Rangers Angels brawl

Time to vote!

  1. I don’t hate them at all, baseball is just a game
  2. I can’t say I like them, but I begrudingly respect them
  3. Not quite hate, but intense dislike
  4. I have them more than any other team in baseball
  5. If I see a Ranger crossing the street in front of my car, I’m stepping on the accelerator

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