Multiple Choice Monday: How Worried Are You About Kendry Morales?

Doomsday is on the horizon for Angel fans as the reports of Kendry Morales’ recovery continue to get gloomier and gloomier.  The team is trying to stay positive, but those pesky “reporters” and “journalists” are making it hard to believe what the Angel management is telling us.  So what do you believe?  Is Morales going to be ready to start the season or will the worst fears of Angel fans come true?

Morales breaks leg

Time to vote!

  1. He’ll be fine.  Morales will nut up and make sure he is ready to go by Opening Day.
  2. Kendry might not be fully ready to go by Opening Day, but the Angels are just playing it safe, which is the best for everyone in the long run.
  3. I don’t like this.  I don’t like this one bit.  All hope is not lost, but the Angels better start making back-up plans, post-haste.
  4. Is it too early in the season to raise the white flag and start a fire sale?

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