Multiple Choice Monday: How Would You Grade the Vernon Wells Trade?

I almost hesitate to ask this because I fear the sheer vitriol in the responses might cause the blog’s server to explode, but I need topic for this week’s poll.  So here it goes.  This week’s poll question is: how would you grade the Vernon Wells trade?

Vernon Wells Angels

Time to vote!

  1. Grade A.  The trade is tremendous!!  On a related note, I have no ability to comprehend finances whatsover.
  2. Grade B.  The Angels got a good measure better and it isn’t like we fans are paying for Wells’ contract out of our own wallets.
  3. Grade C.  I’m so confused, this is a good baseball move, but such a bad financial move.  I can’t decide.
  4. Grade D.  D as in dumb.  I don’t care if Wells is an upgrade, this trade made the Angels look like chumps.
  5. Grade F.  Not only did the Angels take on one of the worst contracts in baseball, they did so to get a guy who might turn out to suck.  EPIC FAIL.
  6. Expelled.  There is no excuse for this horrific decision, Reagins needs to be fired now.

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