Multiple Choice Monday: What Can We Expect From Tyler Chatwood?

Scouts and prospect experts insist that Tyler Chatwood isn’t ready for the big leagues, but his performance thus far had indicated otherwise.  What will become of the Angels’ 21-year old wunderkind?  Is he doomed to be feasted upon by veteran MLB hitters or will he be the answer to the Angels’ back-of-the-rotation problems?

Tyler Chatwood

Time to vote!

  1. He’ll be back in the minors in a matter of weeks.  Once the opposing batters get a real scouting report on him, they are going to eat him for dinner.
  2. He’ll hold his own but the Halos will still look to the trade market to upgrade over him once the playoff race really begins.
  3. The kid isn’t going to dominate, but he is ready enough to be a fifth starter.
  4. Ready?  Yeah he’s ready… to be Rookie of the Year!

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