Multiple Choice Monday: What Will Happen With Adrian Beltre?

It is a new year yet there is still so much unresolved for the Angels.  There is only one way I can think to even begin to answer those lingering questions and that is with the first Multiple Choice Monday of 2011!  This week’s burning question is pretty obvious:  what will happen with Adrian Beltre?

Beltre and Boras

Time to vote!


  1. When has a reporter for a Dominican Republic newspaper ever led us wrong?  Beltre is as good as a Ranger.
  2. This is just Scott Boras’ last ditch effort to drive up the price for Beltre.  The Angels will see right through it and have him signed to a reasonable deal within a week.
  3. I don’t think that the Rangers have an imminent deal with Beltre, but their interest is now definitely real.  Prepare for a bidding war!
  4. Wait… we haven’t had a mystery team enter the picture yet even.  This whole Beltre thing is probably going to drag out for at least another month.
  5. The story has changed so many times that I think my head just exploded.

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