Multiple Choice Monday: When Do You Think Morales Will Be Back?

Now that Kendrys Morales is off to see another doctor and get a second opinion on his ankle, his return has never been more in doubt.  There are so few details available to us, but every Angel fan has to be wondering exactly when the slugger will finally make his return to the lineup.  I know most of you aren’t doctors and don’t play one on TV, but you all have a voice, so speak up and let us know when you think Morales will make his season debut.

Morales breaks his ankle

Time to vote!

  1. End of May.  Because I believe in the power of faith-healing and expect a miracle from God.
  2. June.  This new doctor will get him on track and back in uniform.
  3. July.  The second opinion may or may not help, but he will break through this wall if we are all patient.
  4. August. Better late than never.
  5. April… of next season… after a second surgery.

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