Multiple Choice Monday: Which Spring Position Battle Is Most Important?

Spring Training can be a real fun experience, but it isn’t just fun and games, there are some real decisions to be made before everything is said and done.  Like any other team, the Angels have some position battles to be settled, in fact, they have quite a few, but which is the most important?

Angels spring training

Time to vote!

  1. Third base.  Callaspo, Izturis and Wood, oh my!  We’ve all heard of picking from the lesser of two evils, but how about three?  Sure, the players aren’t impressive, but we are still talking about the only starting job up for grabs.
  2. Catcher.  For better or worse, Jeff Mathis is going to get some starts at backstop, but how many?  50?  80? 100?  120?  140? (Uck, that last one made me throw up in my mouth a little bit) Can Hank Conger step up and steal that starting job or at least a platoon role?  Will Hank end up getting shipped back to Salt Lake instead?  Will Scioscia ever realize that Bobby Wilson is actually probably a better overall player than Mathis?
  3. Closer.  So many above average arms, so little time.  Can anyone (preferably with a name that rhymes with Shmordan Shmalden) emerge from the pack and save us from a season of Fraudney at closer?  I suppose it would probably be too much to ask that Scioscia think outside the box and implement a closer-by-committee.
  4. Leadoff man.  This one should at least be good for some unintentional comedy since there isn’t a single guy on the roster well-suited for batting leadoff.  Unfortunately, it is also an issue that is carried over from last season that may or may not have been one of the biggest reason the 2010 Angels couldn’t score runs.

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