Multiple Choice Monday: Who Should Be the Angels’ New Top Free Agent Target?

As Angel fans know all too well, the big fish in free agency have essentially given the Angels the middle finger this winter, leaving the Halos pathetic offense stuck out in the cold without a single upgrade.  As painful as it might be to see the Angels dive back into the free agent waters, they still need to do something to give their lineup a little bit of a spark.  Unfortunately, with such slim pickings out there, it isn’t obvious who the Halos should be going after.  Sounds like a great topic for this week’s poll: Who should be the Angels’ new top free agent target?

scraping the bottom of the barrel

Time to vote!

  1. Johnny Damon.  He isn’t an All-Star anymore, but he looks to have at least another good year left and could help out as a leadoff man and left fielder.
  2. Scott Podsednik.  The lone real prototype leadoff man on the market, though he probably doesn’t walk as much as one would like.  He is nothing special, but he could be a 2011 version of David Eckstein for the Angels.
  3. Manny Ramirez.  ManRam appears to be in sharp decline, but if he bounces back this season, the Angels could wind up getting a monster middle of the order bat for a relative bargain.
  4. Jim Thome.  Thome showed that he still has plenty of power left in his bat and is a great locker room guy.  If he can stave of Father Time for another year, he could be a great part-time DH.
  5. Jorge Cantu.  He’s the best hitting third baseman on the market… and that’s pretty much the only nice thing to say about him.
  6. Rafael Soriano.  Well, if the Angels can’t hit any better, they best make sure they don’t blow any leads, so getting a lockdown closer could be seen as a pretty good investment.
  7. Someone else.

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