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Loyal readers, I have a favor to ask.  For the last three years I, along with Ryan Falla and Jon Lyons, have busted our ass to provide you with a constant stream of daily Angels content and we almost never ask anything in return, but today I am going to ask you to help us out.

This fall, Blogs With Balls, the top sports blogging organization out there, is presenting awards to the top sports blogs in the land and I want your help to make this blog one of them.

Blogs With Balls USMAP

The USMAP awards are a chance for little blogs like this one to get the notoriety they deserve and you can help us get that by nominating us in all applicable categories (Best Sports Site – Writing Quality, Best Team-Specific Site, Best Sportswriter) by going to this link.  The more nominations we get, the better the chance that we will get the attention of the good folks at Blogs With Balls and hopefully be named a finalist for the general public to vote on.  If you like this blog, please nominate us and have your friends nominate us and help us get this chance to get our name out there in a big way.

Don’t make me beg, because I totally will, I just want to wait until closer to the end of the nomination process so that it looks like I have some pride in myself.

Garrett Wilson

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