Top Ten Thursday: Why ESPN Left the Angels Off Their Schedule

So, ESPN apparently doesn’t think the Angels deserve to be on Sunday Night Baseball this season, leaving them completely off their preliminary schedule for the season.  WTF?!?!?!  Is one mediocre season all it really takes to lose favor with the evil four-letter?  There has got to be a better reason than that, right?  Hmm, I think I might have a few ideas…


A year with no Angels on ESPN?  Say it ain’t so!

  1. ESPN refuses to show any Angel games until Fernando Rodney learns to put his damn hat on straight. (Seriously, Fraudney, fix your hat, moron)
  2. So many young impressionable children watch Sunday Night Baseball and it would be irresponsible of ESPN to show anymore games that might involve Torii Hunter and his horrendous baserunning decisions, setting a bad example for all the kids.
  3. They finally figured out that Anaheim really isn’t in Los Angeles (the hell you say), so they will now ignore the Angels just like every other team not from a major media market.
  4. This is all part of ESPN’s nefarious master plan to eventually only televise Yankees vs. Red Sox games.
  5. Everyone else has said no to the Angels this off-season, why not the TV networks too?
  6. Disney, who owns ESPN, secretly wishes that they still owned the Angels so they are trying to devalue the franchise by not letting them get any national TV coverage.
  7. ESPN has a policy against showing bodily harm being inflicted, especially if it is self-inflicted.  Thanks a lot, Kendry.
  8. Because they are worried everyone will change the channel whenever Jeff Mathis or Brandon Wood come up to bat.  I can’t say that I can argue with that line of logic.
  9. Between the facial hair and tattoos, Mike Napoli is a spray tan away from being the next cast member of the Jersey Shore and ESPN doesn’t want to be associated with that kind of content.
  10. They finally fired Joe Morgan, so ESPN probably figures that they can show and two random teams since people will be tuning in by the million now that we aren’t being subjected to Joe Morgan’s inane ramblings anymore.
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