Tweeted By an Angel: Oakland is “Dumptacular”

This is a very educational week in the world of Angel Tweets.  Not only do we get to learn a bit more about everyone’s favorite super prospect, but we get treated to the creation of a brand new word.  Heck, even Chevy Clarke catches a little bit of the learning bug himself… sort of.

Angels laptop

Mike Trout loves him some country music – @Trouty20 Country music on the way to the lake !

  • Well, there it is, the first real weakness in Trout’s make-up.  C’mon, Mike, your from New Jersey.  What are you doing listening to country music?

CJ Cron’s career as a software developer takes an unpleasant turn – @CCron24 Just saw my app idea has already been created. Unreal

  • Poor CJ.  I hope his knee turns out to be OK since he no longer has a fallback career as an app developer to rely on.

Trevor Bell had a rough morning – @TrevBe22 I woke up pissed this morning because Rosie Huntington wasn’t really next to me. Damn dreams!!!!!!

  • Imagine how much more pissed he is going to be when he realizes he is living in Utah.

Victor Rojas insults Oakland and coins a new term at the same time – @VictorRojas29 Coliseum in Oakland RT Least favorite ballpark Victor?

  • “Dumptacular.”  Well done, Victor.  Well done.

…and finally, we end things with the world’s worst Twittering athlete, Chevez “Chevy” Clarke.

@OfficialChevy I need to read more

  • Yes, Chevy, you do.  In fact, I think you should spend all your free time reading instead of twittering.  Maybe try that for a few months and you’ll come back to Twitter and suddenly find yourself capable of composing something resembling a cogent thought.

@OfficialChevy Where have I been

  • Just when I think Chevy can’t get any more helpess…
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