Twitter Trend Tuesday: #AngelsOptimism

It is time for another Twitter Trend Tuesday!  The flu derailed me from pushing last week’s trend through, but I’m all doped up on NyQuil today and ready to rumble!!!

This week’s topic might be a hard pill for some to swallow, but I think it is something sorely needed.  The amount of vitriol and negativity in the Angel fan base is so thick you could cut it with a knife, especially on Twitter.  I freely admit that I have been a major contributor to the wave of negative sentiment, but now I want to try and turn the tide.  With that in mind, the trending topic I’m going with for this week is: #Angels Optimism

Here are a few sample tweets to get us started:

The Angels still have the best manager in baseball, if anyone can turn this roster into a winner, it is Mike Scioscia #AngelsOptimism

The Angel lineup literally can’t be any worse than it was last season, so how could they not be better next year? #AngelsOptimism

Moreno may not be spending much, but that is better than throwing bad money after bad money like the Mets, Mariners or Cubs #AngelsOptimism

I’ll be tweeting more throughout the day, so follow me or just do a search on the hashtag to follow along with the fun.  I’ll post some of the best contributions to the trending topic at the end of the day, so if you have something good, you get to be featured on the blog (which I am sure would be the highlight of your life).

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