Twitter Trend Tuesday: #BeltreUpdates

Twitter Trend Tuesday is back!  We had some nice success with our first installment of this feature and now we are back for more!!

The inspiration for this week’s topic is the massive confusion being created by all of this frequent and conflicting updates on Adrian Beltre’s signing status with the Texas Rangers.  One minute he is about to sign the contract, the next, he and Texas have barely even talked.  Who knows what to think anymore.  I say it is time we add to the confusion which is why this week’s trending topic is: #BeltreUpdate

Here are a few sample tweets to get us started:

#BeltreUpdate Report from Dominican says Beltre on verge of ordering chicken taco. refutes that, he’s holding out for carne asada.

#BeltreUpdate Scott Boras finally found his mystery team for Beltre negotiations, the Hiroshima Carp.

#BeltreUpdate Hold up on signing with Texas is that Adrian wants it in his contract that nobody can rub his head.

I’ll be tweeting more throughout the day, so follow me or just do a search on the hashtag to follow along with the fun.  I’ll post some of the best contributions to the trending topic at the end of the day, so if you have something good, you get to be featured on the blog (which I am sure would be the highlight of your life).

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