Twitter Trend Tuesday Results: #ItCouldBeWorse

The #ItCouldBeWorse campaign worked pretty well today.  It may not have been the most active of Twitter Trend Tuesdays, but I’m going to go ahead and take credit for raising everyone’s spirits and giving the Halos enough of a morale boost to snap them out of their slump.

It Could Be Worse

As promised, here are some of the top tweets from other users for #ItCouldBeWorse:

@CesarB33: #ItCouldBeWorse At least we don’t have to walk through the Dodgers parking lot.

@tomcoach966: #ItCouldBeWorse Brandon Wood and Jeff Mathis could have mad ethe team this year! oh, wait

@azhalofan: #ItCouldBeWorse we could owe GMJ $11mm this year AND have him in our line-up

@hymheather: #ItCouldBeWorse -we could have Rivera still hitting into double plays every game.

Thanks to all who joined in, let’s do it again next week.

Garrett Wilson

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