Twitter Trend Tuesday: Tony Reagins on #FrontBurner

It is time for another Twitter Trend Tuesday and this one is going to be a little different.  Normally, I like to come up with the trending topic, but the good folks at the MLB Network have taken care of it for me with their recent announcement via Twitter that we fans get to ask questions of our beloved GM Tony Reagins on their FrontBurner segment.

This trending topic really could go either way as an Angel fan.  One could take MLB Network up on their offer and ask some well-meaning and insightful questions for them to put to Reagins, or, if one were so inclined, they could hijack this #FrontBurner hashtag and see to it that Mr. Reagins gets to see everything we are all really thinking.

Here are a few sample tweet questions to get those of us with questionable intentions off and running:

Hey, Reagins! Can you please put away the Panic Trade button before you do something else disastrous? #FrontBurner

Hey, Reagins! Were you drunk, stoned or both when you decided to make the Wells trade? #FrontBurner

Hey, Reagins! Did you just feel bad about ripping off AZ in the Haren trade and make the Wells deal to balance out your karma? #FrontBurner

Hey, Reagins! What does $86 million buy you? An overpaid OF for your team and a pink slip for yourself when the season is over. #FrontBurner

I’ll be tweeting more throughout the day, so follow me or just do a search on the hashtag to follow along with the fun.  I’ll post some of the best contributions to the trending topic at the end of the day, so if you have something good, you get to be featured on the blog (which I am sure would be the highlight of your life).

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