Welcome Ryan Falla to Monkeywithahalo.com

Since I launched this site back in 2009, Monkeywithahalo.com has been a one-man show.  That is about to change.  Later today marks the debut of our new writer, Ryan Falla, who you might know from the comments section of the blog.  Ryan will be contributing a weekly column every Friday afternoon (starting later today, so stay tuned) as well as helping out with game previews and recaps.  But enough from me, why not let Ryan introduce himself:

Ryan Falla is a budding young writer from Southern California, with a special interest in the Angels. As the self proclaimed Duke of the Written Word, putting his natural talent of writing and love of the Angels was a no-brainer. Aside from being an Angels fan, Ryan also enjoys bathing in the tears of the dreaded Los Angeles Yankees fan. When he’s not encompassed in baseball,  Ryan attends Cal Poly Pomona with a major in English. You can contact him through his email and twitter.

There you have it.  As I said, Ryan will be making posting his first column later today, so please be sure to give him a warm welcome since I imagine this is probably going to be the exact day that Ryan’s life peaks.

Also, not to detract from Ryan’s shining moment, but I am open to taking on more writers still.  Specifically, I am hoping to find people local to each Angel farm team who can regularly attend games and provide weekly prospect reports.  So, if any of you poor saps are stuck living in Utah, Arkansas, Iowa or any place less awesome than Southern California, shoot me an email.

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