Win-Loss Record For Each Angels Player

Now that the season is over, people will no doubt want to cast blame on certain players.  One thing this always leads to is people quoting the team’s win-loss record in games that player played in.  To be honest, that is a ridiculous argument considering all the elements that go into a team winning a baseball game.  Still, it is pretty fun.  After all, how many times did we all quote Mike Trout’s win-loss record?  On the flip side, how much did we mock the those who expounded the virtues of Jeff Mathis’ win-loss record?

So, in the interest of equal time and, well, just for poops and giggles, here is the win-loss record for each of the main Angel players this season.

Jeff Mathis

Jeff Mathis just wins ballgames…  seriously.


Jered Weaver: 22-11

Dan Haren: 20-15

Ervin Santana: 17-16

Joel Pineiro: 12-15

Tyler Chatwood: 9-18

Jerome Williams: 5-5



Jordan Walden: 48-14

Scott Downs: 42-18

Bobby Cassevah: 15-15

Rich Thompson: 13-31

Fernando Rodney: 23-16

Hisanori Takahashi: 24-37


CATCHERS (game started only)

Jeff Mathis: 45-34

Bobby Wilson: 17-19

Hank Conger: 24-24


INFIELDERS (game started only)

Mark Trumbo: 78-65

Howie Kendrick: 76-60

Erick Aybar: 74-68

Maicer Izturis: 53-52

Alberto Callaspo: 64-61

Russell Branyan: 9-7


OUTFIELDERS (game started only)

Torii Hunter: 80-73

Vernon Wells: 73-55

Peter Bourjos: 70-68

Bobby Abreu: 70-65

Mike Trout: 21-11


So, a few comments from these findings:

  • A quick editor’s note, these counts might be off by one or two because I am doing this after all the wild baseball action on Wednesday, so my counting might be off.
  • The fact that Rich Thompson almost never pitched in a game where the Angels one blows my mind.  I know he wasn’t great, but he was better than Scioscia seems to think he is, which is apparently nothing more than a mop-up man.
  • Lyle Spencer must be ecstatic to see the win-loss records of all three catchers.  I really hope nobody shares this article with him because he might never shut up.
  • Wait, Russ Branyan started 16 games?  I would’ve guessed four.
  • You know all those games that Scioscia benched Kendrick to get more playing time for Izturis and Callaspo?  Apparently that was a bad idea… which we already knew.
  • According to win-loss records, Vernon Wells is invaluable, thus proving how stupid this whole exercise really is.
  • Mike Trout = wins.  This is great news for next year since he will hopefully be a full-time starter.  With his expected improvement factoring in, if he starts 162 games, my math tells me that the Angels should win 185 of those games.  I think I might’ve forgotten to carry the four though.
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