Winning Wednesday: Flatulence and Dick Wood

Who are the big Angel winners this week?  I’ll give you a hint: flatulence, dick and wood are involved.  I promise this post is totally safe for work… unless your workplace has some bizarre moral stance against WINNING!

Charlie Sheen Bi-Winning

When you see this week’s top Winner, you’ll think I’m bi-polar.


Winning Honorable Mention:

  • Mark Trumbo. Big Mark is already a big winner with his monster spring and now he gets an extra boost this week with the official announcement of Kendrys Morales starting the season on the DL, meaning Trumbo actually gets to reap the fruits of his labors and open the season as the starting first baseman.
  • Angels with sinus problems.  One of the wonders of Twitter is reading the daily ongoings of the Angel players and a revelation we were treated to this week is that every time the Angels take a bus trip to an away game during Cactus League play, someone rips ass on the bus and it is of the silent-but-deadly variety.  So any Halo who has chronic sinus issues and a deadened olfactory sense actually gets spared the torture, which is definitely winning.
  • Me.  I turned 30 this week and successfully avoided having some sort of freak-out over getting old.  Beer helped with that and so did my beautiful wife and delightful daughter. (EDITOR’S NOTE: bonus winning points awarded to myself for kissing ass via the blog)

Winner of the Week:

Brandon Wood

  • Brandon Wood!  Yup, I’m finally giving some love to our boy Dick Wood (as in Richard Brandon Wood).  A week ago, it seemed that his days as an Angel were numbered, but after a late spring surge from Brandon (don’t look now, but his spring OPS currently stands at .842) and Morales’ recovery setback, he suddenly has a new lease on life (or at least on a roster spot).  That lease will potentially expire once Morales gets healthy, but that is weeks away, so for this week, Wood is our big WINNER.
Garrett Wilson

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