Winning Wednesday: The Downs Syndrome

So Scott Downs somehow managed to break his toe playing with his kids (note to Scott, kicking cinder blocks is a bad idea for a game).  This little injury can’t be making the Angels organization happy, but there are certain members of the team who are no doubt viewing it as a WINNING opportunity.


Breaking your toe while playing with your kids is definitely not WINNING.

Winning Honorable Mention:

  • Jason Bulger.   He looked like his roster spot was in severe jeopardy, but now that it looks like the Angels will have one extra bullpen spot available until Downs returns, Bulger gets a stay of execution.  Seriously, Bulger should buy Downs’ kids a big Christmas gift this year, because whatever they did to their dad probably just saved Bulger’s job.
  • Rich Thompson.  Much like Bulger, he is out of options, but he has been solid this spring and wasn’t in as much trouble as Bulger.  Still, this all but guarantees he makes the team, so he sould be happy.
  • Michael Kohn.  Kohn has been stellar this spring, but was shaping up to be the odd man out since he still has options and Bulger doesn’t.  Now it is all but assured that Kohn will at least get a few weeks in the bigs where he will get to continue making his case to not get demoted when Downs returns.

Winner of the Week:

Fernando Rodney

  • Fernando Rodney!  Guess who just won the closer’s job by default?  That’s right, Fraudney!!!!  With no lefty complement for the end of games available now (sorry, Takahashi, you ain’t closer material), any designs Mike Scioscia had on some sort of closer platoon should be all but scrapped, which means Fernando is a virtual lock to be named the full-time closer, pretty much by default.  That may not be a great plan for the Angels and fans certainly won’t like it, but it definitely makes Fraudney our big Winner of the Week.
Garrett Wilson

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