Winning Wednesday: The Outside Corner

I’ve teased it for weeks now and it is finally here.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: The Outside Corner.  What is it?  You’ll have to go there to find out, but I promise you, it is definitely winning.

The Outside Corner

What is the Outside Corner?

Winning Honorable Mention:

  • Mark Trumbo. Simply because he finally slaked our collective thirst for the very first Trum-bomb of the career.  That and I really like the term Trum-bomb.  Trum-bomb.  Trum-bomb.  Trum-bomb.  Trum-bomb.  It never gets old.
  • The Rest of the AL West. Haha!  Josh Hamilton broke his shoulder by sliding into home head first.  Everyone knows you aren’t supposed to do that and Texas just found out why.  Nothing is funnier than seeing a team lose their best hitter by way of some freak accident at home plate. Oh, wait… I just made myself sad.  Get well soon, Kendrys.

Winner of the Week:


  • You!  Why?  Because you get to read now.  The Outside Corner is the brand new national baseball blog from the good people at Bloguin that have brought you such great sites as, well, Monkey With a Halo for one.  They’ve hired the best and brightest baseball bloggers from the Bloguin network and beyong to man this new initiative.  For some reason, they also hired me, not really sure why, but hey, its their money, right?  The Outside Corner offers a little bit of everything for every baseball fan.  Analysis.  Sabermetrics.  Satire.  News.  We’ve got it all.  And with five different bloggers plucked from all over the net, you don’t have to worry about any of the standard media’s traditional biases.  We are still getting everything up and running at full speed at The Outside Corner, but please check it out and keep it on your daily reading list.  I promise, we will not disappoint.
Garrett Wilson

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