Once again, Winning Wednesday leads me down strange roads as I honor a man that I have spent most of the week besmirching while also lavishing praise on a man who will soon be missing a vital internal organ.  Who could they be?

Charlie Sheen tour poster

OK, I think this is going to be the last week I pay homage to Sheen, but this poster is pretty damn cool.


Winning Honorable Mention:

  • Scott Kazmir. Remember, winning is in the eye of the beholder.  In Kaz’s case, he has to be feeling like a winner after not getting hammered in his final spring start.  He definitely wasn’t very good either, but he was at least good enough to temporarily muffle all the calls for him to be released.
  • Matt Palmer. While Kazmir may have gotten a stay of execution, Palmer used the last week to bolster his case to replace Scott when (not if) the Angels dump him.  Palmer looked quite strong in his last two outings and should now get first crack at any rotation vacancies before the Halos go out and start seeking help from outside the organization.

Winner of the Week:

David Eckstein World Series MVP

  • The Legend of David Eckstein! As if there weren’t enough evidence already that David Eckstein is just plain a better person than us, what with him overcoming his dimunutive stature to have a very nice big league career, winning two World Series and a World Series MVP.  But now, Eckstein is really hammering the point home by giving up one of his FREAKING KIDNEYS!!!  Really, David?  Can’t you give the rest of us a chance to feel like we aren’t horrible human beings compared to you?  Nonetheless, Eckstein is the Winner of the Week, which probably means very little to him since he has been winning most of his life.