5 ways the Angels seem like they are out of it, but they really aren’t

Let's face it, the Angels have been shrouded by negativity for much of the last month.  Not even C.J. Wilson's famed Positive Mental Attitude has been able to fend it off (it also hasn't helped him #throwstrikes either).  I could sit here and offer some insight on the struggling rotation or the lousy bullpen or the tenuous job security of every member of the coaching staff (clearly bullpen catcher Tom Gregorio has to go, am I right?). 

Well, I'm just exhausted by the whole thing.  I don't want to think about any of that crap anymore.  Instead, let's make lemonade out of lemons and try and turn all these perceived negatives going against the Angels into positives.  Either that, or let's just make wisecracks.  I'm good either way:

  1. The general consensus is the Angels need 90 wins to have a shot at winning one of the Wild Cards.  To accomplish that, they would need to go 28-12 in their final 40 games.  That seems crazy daunting, right?  Like, almost impossible, no?  Turns out it is neither.  From May 22nd through July 5th the Angels went (wait for it) 28-12.  They have it in them, folks.  They have done it before.  They can do it again.
  2. The Angels have to pass at least three teams to get the final Wild Card, but the Angels control their own fate to a certain degree.  They don't face Baltimore or Tampa again (which is probably a good thing), but they do have seven games against Oakland and six against Detroit.  If they take advantage of those 13 games, they can easily leapfrog both the A's and Tigers, then all they need to do is wait for the Orioles to remember that they stink and they'll coast right into the playoffs.
  3. August has been a nightmare month for the Angels.  True, but so was April, another month that started with the letter "A."  September doesn't start with the letter "A."  If the alphabet be for us, who can be against us?
  4. It looks like JeDi's big plan to acquire Greinke to bolster the rotation failed.  Or did it?  Think about it, he is a JeDi.  In the first (good) Star Wars trilogy, the Jedi's big plan failed in The Empire Strikes Back, which was the second movie.  It wasn't until the final movie, the third movie that the Jedi rebounded and defeated the Empire.  This is the JeDi and the Angels final third of the season and they are about to blow up the Death Star!  Or something like that because I'm not totally sure who Darth Vader is in this scenario.
  5. An 8.5 game deficit in the AL West is too much to overcome.  That is what everyone keeps telling us.  But we know better, right?  Does the year 1995 ring a bell for anyone?  See! Anything is possible.  Also, I just made myself sad all over again.

If there is anything else standing in the Angels' way of making a comeback in this race then, well…  Mike Trout.  Actually, that is probably all I needed to say.  Forget I even mentioned those five other things.

Garrett Wilson

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