Angels baseball is beautiful

Writing a blog, a weekly piece, is such an awesome opportunity.   Writing for this site, feeling a part of it, is a pleasure.  I’m not sure how I managed without it.  But I’m reaching sort of deep into myself to come up with the material, probably because I’m not around the team.  So I’m going to cheat a bit, likely provoking a close circle of friends to say words they’re trying not to speak, and cause even more head-shaking than last week.  I’m going to borrow from Adam Duritz, the lead singer from Counting Crows.  Three lines, effectively one the way it hits me, from the song Mr. Jones:

“She’s suddenly beautiful, we all want something beautiful, I wish I was beautiful.”

Beauty is Tori Hunter with a smile on his face.  It’s Pujols looking like he didn’t just guzzle four energy drinks.  It’s Trout.  It’s Scioscia lifting an eyebrow at a bad call and softly saying what the fuck when you know he wants to strangle that man in black.  Ok, the softly stuff doesn’t really work for Mike, not realistic, let’s call it audible at no more than 5 rows back.  That would suddenly be beautiful.

Beauty is Arte looking like a Werewolf of London (really, his hair is perfect), and scaring the crap out of Boras, albeit from a distance.  And if the fear isn’t obvious, beauty is Arte just getting even.

Beauty is not appearance and is not an accident.

Beauty does happen to be a part of the team I often overlook, a part of the family.  Literally.  I’m referring to the Angel player’s partners and wives.  Not a single one of whom I’ve met, by the way.  I need to shout out their efforts related to the Special Olympics.  I’m not sure there’s anything else in the world that should be more supported than the Special Olympics, so kudos to everyone involved.  Doing the best you can has nothing to do with your limbs or any other part of your body aside from your heart.  It has very little to do with results.  Beyond what you’re trying to do for yourself, it’s about creating chances for others and I know that many people involved in Special Olympics are special in many, many ways.  Marvelous. 

Feels good to see that work going on, we all want something beautiful.

That’s about all I’ve got, today.  I can add it does help quality of life to have a superior life partner, and to have hope.  I’m thinking the Angels organization is proud of what they do in the community, of all of the folks involved, heels or cleats.  Seeing what they did this last week does me good, as I’m reminded that kindness is a part of the Angels energy, as obvious at that sounds.

Like beauty, kindness takes intention to manifest.  Great work supporting the Special Olympics.