Angels Player Power Rankings – Week 11

The Angels had a successful 4-2 week, but they did it with almost no offense, which means we are in for a big shakep in the weekly power rankings.

As always, the rankings are based on a player’s overall season performance with a weight on recent performance.

1 Mark Trumbo green arrow up+1
Last Week: 2
Mark Trumbo – The strikeouts are starting to pile up, but he’s still getting on-base and still looking like a surefire All-Star.
2 Mike Trout Red arrow down1
Last Week: 1
Mike TroutTurns out that Trout is human and the league is beginning to adjust to him.  I give it a week before he adjusts right back and jaws start dropping all over again.
3 C.J. Wilson — 0
Last Week: 3
C.J. Wilson – He continues to live dangerously with all the walks, but he also continues to put up some very “overrated” numbers.
4 Albert Pujols — 0
Last Week: 4
Albert Pujols – A down week for The Machine, but he salvaged it with his home run and clutch juggling catch in Sunday’s rubber game against Arizona.
5 Ernesto Frieri — 0
Last Week: 5
Ernesto Frieri – Now that he isn’t striking out everyone and their mother, Frieri’s saves are starting to feel a little adventurous.  Good thing nobody can actually hit him still.
6 Torii Hunter green arrow up+1
Last Week: 7
Torii Hunter – Hunter continues to be hot, but he also continues to be old, so go ahead an save your complaints about him not getting the start this Sunday.
7 Scott Downs Red arrow down-1
Last Week: 6
Scott Downs – Just once can Downs field a ball and do it without getting hurt?  Is that really too much to ask?
8 Howie Kendrick green arrow up+2
Last Week: 10
Howie Kendrick – No extra-base hits in over a month and then he hits two doubles in one game… go figure.
9 Alberto Callaspo green arrow up+2
Last Week: 11
Alberto Callaspo – Callaspo doesn’t always hit home runs, but when he does, he prefers to hit them at incredibly opportune times.
10 LaTroy Hawkins green arrow up+3
Last Week: 13
LaTroy Hawkins – Frieri and Downs get all the press, but Hawkins has himself a 0.79 ERA that makes him a formidable part of an increasingly strong relief corps.
11 Dan Haren Red arrow down-2
Last Week: 9
Dan Haren – One could argue that his start was spoiled by one bad pitch, but one could also argue that he continues to just not be as sharp as we are all expecting him to be.
12 Kendrys Morales Red arrow down-4
Last Week: 8
Kendrys Morales – After going 1-for-16 this week, it sure looks like having to sit during most of the games in NL parks really cooled him off just when he was starting to heat up.
13 Garrett Richards green arrow up+1
Last Week: 14
Garrett Richards – Three starts, one relief appearance, a 0.86 ERA and a 7.26 K/9 rate are pretty great, but not great enough for him to not be booking flights to Salt Lake as we speak.
14 Jerome Williams Red arrow down-2
Last Week: 12
Jerome Williams The only thing more frustrating than Jerome turning a would-be stellar start into a loss is that I was all set to write a post pointing out how “for real” good he has been this season, but he went and ruined that narrative.
15 Ervin Santana green arrow up+6
Last Week: 21
Ervin Santana – Alright, fine, a near no-hitter buys Ervin at least two weeks worth of reprieve from the calls to remove him from the rotation.
16 Jason Isringhausen Red arrow down-1
Last Week: 15
Jason Isringhausen – The Halos didn’t need a whole lot of relief help this week, but I’d still like to think Scioscia could’ve found a way to use Isringhausen for more than one batter.
17 Erick Aybar green arrow up+3
Last Week: 20
Erick Aybar – Believe it or not, Aybar led the Angels this last week with a 1.076 OPS.  Seriously.
18 Hisanori Takahashi green arrow up+5
Last Week: 23
Hisanori Takahashi – He didn’t do anythign special this week, but with all the players moving down the rankings, someone has to move up.
19 Peter Bourjos Red arrow down-3
Last Week: 16
Peter Bourjos – It was nice to see Speedy Petey start a game once again, it would have been nicer to see him do something to make Scioscia want to try a little harder to give him more starts.
20 Jordan Walden Red arrow down-1
Last Week: 19
Jordan Walden – Waldo is back to square one with Scioscia only looking to use him if he has absolutely no other choice.
21 John Hester Red arrow down-4
Last Week: 17
John Hester – The one thing Hester was doing well was providing a marginal amount of offense production, but now he isn’t doing that anymore… yet he still stayed on the roster over Conger.
22 Hank Conger Red arrow down-4
Last Week: 18
Hank Conger The above statement probably wouldn’t be true if Hank had a done a little something with his bat in the limited opportunity he received to make an impression on management.  Or maybe the team just doesn’t like his rattail haircut.
23 Maicer Izturis Red arrow down-1
Last Week: 22
Maicer Izturis – Izturis now doesn’t even have a higher OPS than Aybar anymore.
24 David Carpenter green arrow up+1
Last Week: 25
David Carpenter – There is an inverse relationship between Angels wins in a week and David Carpenter’s appearances in a week.
25 David Pauley — 0
Last Week: n/a
David Pauley – Hey, David Pauley is back!  Why, I don’t know, but he is back.  So we’ve got that going for us.  Which is nice.

Biggest Riser: Ervin Santana, up six spots

Biggest Dropper: Morales, Hester and Conger all down four spots

Added to the rankings: David Pauley (promoted for some unknown reason)

Dropped from rankings: Kole Calhoun (optioned to minors)

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