Angels white hot, win 6th straight over Royals

Streaks are strange beasts. Winning or losing is often arbitrary and not always the outcome of the better team playing better. When a team gets on a winning streak, many will attribute it to players feeling more comfortable, or an easier part of the schedule. These factors are surely at play when it comes to the Angels current 6 game winning streak that has seen them now climb to third in the AL west. But as was also the case tonight, luck and good fortune were also large components in keeping the streak alive. Whatever the case may be, winning is a heck of alot better than losing.

Angels 5 Royals 2


Game Notes

— The early portion of the this game was dedicated the reutrn of the Anaheim LOBsters. The Angels seemingly left a village on the bases, but as has been the case for a good portion of the season, they could not get the big hit. They ended up leaving 9 men on base through the game and up until the seventh inning it looked like the Halos might snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

— Mike, listen, Erick Aybar cannot bunt to save his life. I know you think he is some sort of bat weilding savant because he likes slap hit like a high school softball player, but every time he is asked to squeeze he swats at the ball like a fly. Enough already with the squeezes. They do not work for you. Got it? Good.

— This whole game turned on yet another blown call by an umpire. I know we all feel Mike Trout can do no wrong and he probably hypnotized the second base ump into calling him safe, but dude was out by like three feet. Not even close. The second baseman tageed him twice. What we have here is an epidemic of horrible umpiring. This whole season is one big #umpshow.

— Nice to see Garrett Richards bounce back with a solid outing. With Madsen still down and Kevin Jepsen sounding like he has reverted back to old tendencies, Garrett is key and he needs to throw stirkes like he did tonight.

Halo Hero

The more I see Jason Vargas pitch, the more I like him. He throws strikes, doesn't mess around with time on the mound and seemingly give you seven solid innings every time he takes the bump. He is exactly what the Angels need him to be and is delivering on what he promised. Can we get him to teach our other pitchers a few things. Just asking…