Better Late than Never; Angels top Astros 4-2

I haven't shave since last Sunday. This is partly because I loathe the process of shaving. Ever since I made this monumental decision the Angels have not lost a game. Now I know my folical expansion has no correlation to the Angels' winning streak hitting four games. I am not usually into this sort of superstitious argle fargle ( copyright Justice Scalia) but desperate times call for desperate measures. So I will continue to shun my razor as long as the Halos keep winning. Whatever I can do to help the ball club and hey, we will take it one day at a time.

Angels 4 Astros 2


Game Notes

— Freakin Bud Norris. How is it this guy continues to own the Angels. Another seven innings with no earned runs. I think the Angels should trade for him tomorrow. Seriously, What could it take? Maybe Cole Kalhoun and another guy. If for no other reason so we don't have to face him again. I don't know how he does it but I am sick of him owning the Angels.

— If you like outfield defense this was the game for you. Astros kid centerfielder Brandon Barnes made two sick plays in one inning (show respect; they were pretty incredible.) Josh Hamilton made a nice running catch early in the game and Mike Trout made a riduculous, game saving, running, back handed grab late. JB Shuck played, and that is all we should say about that.

— Nice game for Hank Conger. He threw two dudes out on the basepaths and had a double that led to the game winning run. Conger also got mixed up in the weirdest play of the night. Conger ran back on a pop fly and stopped when someone in the Astros dugout yelled "I Got It". This is considered bush league and if Mike Scioscia finds out who it was, you can be assured that dude will be wearing one in the next day or two.

— Jerome Williams was back to his old solid self tonight. Jerome did what he is supposed to do, get outs by letting the defense do the work. Even though the pen was shaky, they got the job done. Pitching will be key and tonight it came through.

Halo Hero

Every once and awhile Erick Aybar has a game like this one. Aybar generated one run by stretching a single out on an error. He pressured the defense into a run by advancing on a throw to third. Then he slapped a single scoring two runs. He had a hand in all four runs by being a smart player who hustles. We need more of these games Erick, and fast.