C.J. Wilson is proving he belongs

C.J. WilsonJered Weaver is the man, don’t get me wrong.  He’s the #1 in the rotation no questions asked.  But what a luxury it is to have C.J. Wilson there as the #4 or whatever he really is in the rotation.  After losing the first series of the year to the Royals the Angels needed a win big-time in the opener against the Twins and Wilson delivered despite having a few things working against him.

First, the Twins were 0-3 and due for a win.  Plus it was their home opener, then add to that the weather, which was in the 40’s making it hard to control the ball; making things tougher for a pitcher that is known to have control problems.  But CJ got the job done by going seven innings and allowing just one run on three hits.

You have to wonder what the 2001 fifth-round pick and former Ranger ace must really think about being the Angels” #4.  I know, he’s a team player and he’s said all the right things about it but what is really going on inside his head.  I mean, is he impressed?  He ought to be, at least with Weaver, who is plain great, and Haren, who is consistently outstanding.  Santana ain’t chopped liver either, with a no-hitter last year.  But does C.J. see himself as a #4 starter?

Probably not.  Actually I hope not, but I do appreciate him not saying it to the press.  I think he’s showing intelligence by not drawing attention to himself.  Don’t forget that Wilson is one of those players that other team’s fans love to hate.  Personally, I’m still getting used to the idea of rooting for him.  I disliked him while he was with the Rangers, well, because he was with the Rangers.  But also because he was arrogant and looked like one of those too-hip guys from LA or Huntington Beach.  You know the type.  And it seemed like he trash-talked a bit too much.

But now he’s ours, so things are different.  He fits.  We needed a lefty starter and he’s a lefty starter.  We needed a ground-ball pitcher to complement Weaver, the ultimate fly-ball pitcher, and CJ got 14 ground ball outs on Monday.  We needed someone to bring a different energy to the team, and he’s a Taoist.

I guess he really does belong in California.  And now that he’s an Angel, he looks just the right level of cool in those shades.