Do you hate losing as much as Garrett and Scott?

Maybe you do hate losing to the Rangers just as much if not more so than myself and Garrett.  But here’s the real measure of an irate fan, do you vent your frustrations over twitter?  If not, sit back and learn how to get it all out in cyber space for God and everyone (including the players) to see.

I’m going to give it to you Quentin Tarentino style, which is to say I’m going to start at the end and then work my way through the story back up to that point in time.  

This story ends with Joe Lucia, the editor at (a site both Garrett and I work for) commenting: “The unmitigated rage I see in my TL from  and makes me glad I’m not an Angels fans…them boys are PISSED”.

Now let’s rewind and see how we reached this plateau.

Here are some highlights from Garrett’s timeline between the hours of 7:30 and 9:30 PM.

– “Oh boy, this is gonna be a long game.”

– “Here’s an idea , why don’t you just all drop trow, defecate on the field and head home for the night, save us all 3 hours”

– “great, two hours off and the  still can’t make a basic play, awesome”

–  “If this keeps up, the  Watch Party at Throwbacks this Sunday is going to more of a group therapy session”.

-“So can Pujols just come out now and admit his elbow is messed up, or is he really going to make us wait until August?” 

– “Has a player ever been released in the middle of a game? Vernon Wells has got to go. Inexcusable that he is in a big league lineup anymore.”

– “Not even trying to be funny about Wells. Nobody thought he could be worse than he was last season,
but his OBP and SLG both below 2011 mark”

– “He is done, washed up, toast. There is no salvaging him. I get wanting to not burn the money, but he is a sunk cost and hurting the team.”

– “Bourjos has been bad this season too, but why does he not at least get a chance to improve?”

– “Wells has been given insane amounts of rope and he has hung himself with it two seasons in a row.”

– “this team can’t even hit a god damn cutoff man”

As you can see, this night spiraled out of control for the beloved MWAH overlord.  I censored this article from the low point in which Garrett began hypothetically calling for Mike Scioscia’s head.

And it didn’t look better on my side of the twitterverse…..
–  “Jerome Williams thinks to himself 1 out, bases loaded, down by 1, facing Texas lineup in Texas……F this.”

– “OMG Angels, stop playing like a little league team. This is the worst defensive game I’ve ever seen!”

–  “If I’m Scioscia, right now I’m taking team back into clubhouse, throwing a fit, returning, kicking over the gatorade & then getting tossed.”

–  “Really Howie? 3-1 count, you know a fastball is coming, the fastball comes, it’s right down the middle and you hit a routine pop-up. WTF”

– “Ok Trout, we could use a 7-run homer here” (Trout resounded with a two-run shot)

– “Hunter, you’re fired, Wells fired, Kendrick you’re double fired, Izturis fired. The only one that’s playing this game is Mike Trout.”


– “Three pitches albert, three effing pitches. I swear Mike Trout is the only player on this team worth watching.”

– “Things are gonna get real if the Angels get revenge for Darvish plunking Trumbo.”

Clearly, I masked my build up of grief behind my prospect man-crush on Mike Trout.  I hope you’ve all learned a little about what it takes to be an irate, uncontrollably sad/angry fan.  I’d recommend some alcohol to take the edge off, but I’m afraid your tweets would suffer adversely.  No, ther’s only one way to work through this pain.  Just keep watching.  And tweeting.

Scott Allen

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