Game Preview 4/16/12: Home Sweet Home – Athletics @ Angels

oakland a's@Angels
Oakland Athletics (4-6) Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (3-6)

Pitching Probables: LAA – Jered Weaver (1-0, 3.21 ERA)  OAK – Brandon McCarthy (0-1, 2.50 ERA)

Game Info:
 7:05 PM PT; TV – Fox Sports West; Radio – KLAA 830


The first full week of the season is finally over, a merciful end to a nightmarish week for the Halos. Nothing the Angels did could go right to start off this season, the Angels starters struggled to go deep into games and keep the opposing offense quiet. Because of this the bullpen was heavily taxed, which led to an almost week long implosion by the bullpen. Finally, and most importantly, Scioscia could not wrap his head around the concept of putting together a solid, constant lineup. The logical errors present in Scioscia’s lineups are ridiculous, his tendency to bat a struggling Wells and Hunter in the middle of the order while burying the teams hottest hitters in Mark Trumbo in the bottom third of the lineup. 

It would seem as if the Angels have caught a break opening up this home stand against the Oakland A’s, but you would be wrong in thinking so.

Oh so very wrong.

No matter how bad the Oakland A’s continue to get in relation to the rising Angels the A’s will be a team that always manages to stomp all over this team when the time is right, and the time is always right for Beane’s boys. Even with the A’s perpetually swinging hammer looming over the heads of the Angels there’s still a solid chance the Angels can beat the A’s to start of the home stand. For starters, Jered Weaver is going to occupy the mound for the Angels tonight….and that’s really all I got for you. This game depends on Weavers ability to put up a quality start seeing as how this offense has trouble deciding whether it wants to be a powerhouse threat or a bottom dweller on a night to night basis. Some stability with the offense would be nice, but that probably won’t happen until Scioscia puts together a strong lineup on a day to day basis.

Hopefully tonight the Angels will be able to right the ship before it capsizes, but we’ll be able to tell if that will happen based on the lineup Scioscia puts out before the game starts. Cross your fingers and god help us don’t let Scioscia bat Hunter and Wells in the heart of the order anymore.