Game Recap 10/1/12: Curtain Call – Angels 8 Mariners 4

Well there we go guys, it was a great season while it lasted but it had to come to an end. I'm not even mad that the A's clinched the Wild Card and knocked the Angels out of the playoffs, I care that absolutely no one gave the Angels a helping hand these last two series. I have newborn hatred for the Mariners, and especially the Rangers. They couldn't even make it interesting and win even the first game of the series, they just went and tossed it away from the very beginning. Don't even get me started on the B.S the Mariners pulled during their series against the A's.  

I'm legitimately happy that the A's clinched, it really couldn't have gone to a more deserving team. I don't believe the Angels really "deserved" a playoff spot with the way they played when it really came down to crunch time, not like the A's. They earned it, the Angels threw it away. Well….more like they/re bullpen, but tomato tomato. 

That didn't work as well as I expected. If the Angels can fix their bullpen in the offseason and completely take the West by storm next year. Now we can just hope the Angels bow out gracefully and sweep the Mariners to close out the season and get back to work in preparation for next season

Angels 8 Mariners 4

Dammit this is going to be a depressing recap to write.

Game Recap

— So the A's clinched a playoff berth while the Rangers rolled over oh so considerately for them. All I know is the A's better sweep the Rangers and knock them away from clinching the West, I'll be unfathomably pissed off if the Rangers just pull an easy win our of their ass tomorrow against the A's.

— Mike Trout got a bunch of base hits and RBI's and stuff. That was pretty cool. He's coming pretty close to tying the all time record for runs scored by a rookie. Yeah that's pretty cool I guess. I….I just can't get over that he promised us the playoffs and we still missed. I felt comfortable and secure with him giving us his word, but oh well….that's baseball for you. It's a heartbreaker.

— Some other stuff happened. Howie Kendrick had 4 hits (WTF), every reliever that appeared had a scoreless inning except Richards who gave up an earned run, and C.J Wilson was pretty good. Oh, and the A's clinched too and the Rangers were assholes against. Don't hate on my guys but I'm already looking at A's shirts to buy in preparation for my postseason support of them. Can't really hate on an explosive young team like them for "doin their thang", might as well back em while they're at it. Because screw the Rangers.

Halo A-Hole

Texas Rangers

Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you.

Seriously. You couldn't even have made it interesting for us.

Fuck you.

Just kidding, good luck in the playoffs guys you earned it.

Nah just kidding there again. Fuck you

Feels good to have got that out of my system. 

(Fuck you guys)