Game Recap 4/11/12: Circus in town, one night and one night only – Twins 6, Angels 5

Let me begin with, that didn’t go as planned.

Twins 6, Angels 5

What we saw last night wasn’t exactly a comdey of errors, because the Angels were playing decent ball up until the Twins’ 7th inning offensive stretch. As I mentioned in the preview for last night’s game, hitting is contagious. Unless there is that one play that will shut down a team’s rally for the innng, uncomfortable matters will arise for the defense. 

A harmless single here, a single worthy of a call to the bullpen, a pitching change, a base hit down the first base line, Torii’s got – wait…ground, face, fence…oh.

Are you sure you weren’t feeling a little “punch drunk” prior to that masterpiece of a face plant, Mr. Hunter? 

Throw up a tent and call it a circus. Let’s avoid this choas for the rest of the month, shall we? 

To add to the whimsical nature of this game, Peter Bourjos showcased his speed and power with an inside the park home run in the top of the 5th inning. Thus proving that Angels have one of the scariest line ups in baseball…on paper. And on paper it will remain. 

Our new toy is assembled and ready to go, we just need to find a couple of batteries to make it work.

*cough* Pujols *cough*…*cough cough COUGH*