Game Recap 4/13/12 — Horror Show of Shows — Angels 0 Yankees 5

Man, this schedule is killing me. I was not able to watch the game today, what with that whole work thing getting the way again, but that doesn’t stop me from making assumptions. But before I get into that, we have to talk about this schedule. The Angels have played two series and started a third and so far they have not, to my recollection, played two games in a row at the same start time. They have played day games, night games, early morning games and played a series with a scheduled break in the middle. Who made this freakin’ thing? I surmise that this lack of routine is partially responsible for the Angels’ putrid start. But at least we get the gamed played tomorrow at 9:30am our time!!!

Angels 0 Yankees 5

Game Notes

— Uh oh, looks like we might have bad Ervin with us this year. After spending the second half of last year dominating and making us all think he had finally figured it out, Santana has gone out and laid two straight eggs to start the year. Not good.
— I think we are officially A-Rod’s chew toy. It seems he homers off an Angel pitcher every time he plays the Halos. I heard someone today say he was washed up. Wel,l not if he gets to feast on Angel pitching a bit more.
— At this point removing Vernon Wells from the line-up would be considered a mercy killing, right?
— I saw on Twitter that Mark Trumbo made some routine plays at third. Not sure what this says about the state of the early season for Angel fans, but I don’t think it’s good.

Halo A-Hole

Couldn’t resist using this when I found it. Maybe Santana’s command is hiding under the hat.