Game Recap 4/14/12 — That’s More Like It — Angels 7 Yankees 1

Now, wasn’t that better? All the Angels needed were a bit of quality pitching and an explosion of power, and suddenly all is right with the universe. My hunch is that the Angel players got together and said, “Enough is enough. Let’s get our act together,” and, VOILA!! It happened. The question is, it just a fluke or the beginning of a legitimate winning streak…?

Angels 7 Yankees 1

Game Notes

— I really like what CJ Wilson is made up of. Dude knew his team needed a big effort and he delivered. While the rest of the vaunted starting rotation has so far been suspect, Wilson has been abolsutely nails. Say what you will about his hippy-dippy life on off days, when he pitches he is all business.
— Howie Kendrick is headed for a monster season. He’s been locked in from the start of spring training and it’s carried over to now. Today, he was 3-5 with a HR and 3 RBI’s. Some say hitting in front of Pujols is what’s contributed to the hot start, but I think he would be doing this, regardless.
— Yes, Vernon Wells went 2-4 with a homer. But that still doesn’t fix the reality that the team would be better served with Mike Trout playing every day. I surmise that Wells will continue to do just enough to stay relevant in the team’s mind and continue to frustrate fans to no end.
— Very quietly, Kendrys Morales is starting to struggle. It may be a case of fatigue but I would be shocked if he is in the line-up tomorrow. If anyone needs a day off, it’s him.

Halo Hero

How awesome is it to have a catcher who actually hits the ball on a regular basis? Was there any doubt when Chris Iannetta hit the 2 run homer to give the Angels the lead, he wasn’t going to be the Halo Hero? Having him around, and on my fantasy team no less, is like being delivered from Mathisian hell to the pearly gates of Iannetta Heaven. Praise the catcher!!!