Game Recap 4/21/12 — Completely Normal — Angels 6 Orioles 3

It would appear that order is slowly being restored. Jered Weaver was his usual dominant self and the offense may just be starting to hit it’s stride, which means we might finally be getting back to normal. A series sweep tomorrow would solidify that the Angel’s early season struggles are over and the season is truly ready to begin.

Angels 6 Orioles 3

Game Notes

— Maybe we are looking at this whole line-up thing the wrong way. Maybe the constant is the inconsistent way the lineup works. Maybe the players are really okay with the complete and utter randomness of the day to day and that after awhile, we will all get used to it. It’s kind of like a daily gift of the unknown.
— Tonight was a perfect example of the dichotomy of the Mark Trumbo Experiment. The grounder in the fifth that he misplayed was technically a hit, but it was obvious he was dreading that play the whole way. But his bat is what got things moving on the way to the win, so at this point I am totally at a loss as to whether this third base thing is a good idea or a bad one.
— I mentioned this earlier today, but when did the Angels stop stealing bases? Where did all the speed go? If this team is not going to hit homers, then they have to bunch hits together and run the bases aggresively. I would very much like to see them bring their pressure offense back at least a little bit.
— I roast him when he sucks, so I guess I have to give Bobby Abreu a bit of credit when he does something right, as was the case tonight with the two run single to give the Angels the lead. But that’s as far as my praise will go.

Halo Hero

Was there any doubt about this one? Weaver had command all night en-route to a complete game victory. Despite the three runs, I never thought the Orioles were in this game given how dominant Jered was from the outset to the final pitch. What was most impressive was that I think he knew if he didn’t go nine innings, he would have to trust the Bullpen of Perpetual Sorrow, which would cost him. So he took matters into his own hands with exquisite results.