Game Recap 4/25/12: “LOB City” – Rays 3, Angels 2

Before you get too excited, this has absolutely nothing to do with the Los Angeles Clippers, Chris Paul, or Blake Griffin.

Rays 3, Angels 2 

The Los Angeles Angels might as well share the clever title with the Los Angeles Clippers. However, the Angels don’t get the positive connotation of this nickname. 

I could write a novel on how many times I’ve complained about the Angels LOB (left on base) statistic for the past couple of years. It was their problem on offense then, and it’s their problem on offense now.  

The Angels are able to out hit any team that they face, including the Rays tonight. When these hits are coming at the wrong times, it makes it that much more difficult to score runs. One of the leading contributions to this problem is the line up. It’s getting the right person, in the right place, at the right time…which isn’t working in the Angels’ favor at all. 

Because the Halos lack consistency in their offense, it makes it difficult for Mike Scioscia to put together a properly functioning line up.

This is what I would do (remember, I have no professional training):


Clearly he is struggling and what happens to any other player that struggles on offense? They are either benched or they are moved down in the line up.

Scioscia, you should consider it. Leaving Pujols out of the line up entirely will cause too much unnecessary drama for the organization. Moving him down in the line up won’t. With all do respect, skipper, you have been trying out a multitude of line ups. I say give this one a shot. If it works, you can thank me. If it doesn’t, same ol’ same ol’. If the Halos are going to get swept by Tampa Bay, I’d much rather it was because we tried something different to help, instead of remaining consistently inconsistent to dig us deeper into a hole of misery. 

Get us out of “LOB city”. Or take us to see CP3 and Blake Griffin. Someone do something.