Game Recap 4/27/12 — and then depression set in — Angels 2 Indians 3

I’m not sure what to say that hasn’t already been said. I thought today was the day things got back on track. Looks like I was wrong. Despite Jered Weaver pitching his heart out, with less than stellar stuff, the Angels couldn’t overcome their weaknesses yet again and are now in real danger of being irrelevant before May 1st. It was all on display on a cold night in Cleveland…too bad it was the wrong stuff out there for all to see.

Angels 2 Indians 3

Game Notes

— I guess it’s something that at least Torii Hunter doesn’t just lead with his words. After calling his team out publicly, Hunter did all he could to get his team a victory. He threw a guy out at the plate, drove in both runs (including his first homer of the year) and tried his damndest to keep the fire lit under his team. At least we can appreciate what a true leader looks like.
— How can a team with a collective batting average of .245 and only one .300+ hitter continue to employ their hitting coach? (face it, none of us can answer that question right now.)
— Seriously, this is starting to look really bleak. I really don’t have much else on this game. I just want to pull the covers over my eyes and forget it.

Halo A Hole

Jepsen is really a place holder since it was the entire bullpen that coughed this one up. Honorable mention to David Carpenter who was officially inducted into the Bullpen of Perpetual Sorrow with his ninth inning grease fire. But really, all the relief corp should take a collective look in the mirror and start to man up.