Game Recap 5/16/12: 99 problems, but a pitch ain’t one – Angels 7, White Sox 2

The Halo’s season has been smothered with issues from the bullpen to the line up to “Where are we supposed to put all of these outfielders…”, and something clicked tonight. Whatever that something was, it led the Angels to a victory over the Chicago White Sox.

Angels 7, White Sox 2 

This win was the definition of a team win. The entirety of the line up made significant contributions to tonight’s win.

Mike Trout continues to wow the crowd each time he steps on the field. As I have mentioned time and time again, this kid (I say that talking about someone my own age…) is Angels’ baseball. He’s quick, aggressive, and he hustles. He can play small ball and hit for power. Not once has he hesitated to stretch what appears to be a questionable double into two bases with time to spare. Trout might just be the Angels’ newest “secret weapon”. 

Alberto Callaspo has flown under the radar since the beginning of the season as one of the many third basemans that the Angels were trying out. His bat has come alive these past few games and continues to grab several extra base hits for the Halos. He is earning his place as the two spot in the Angels’ line up.

ALBERT PUJOLS. HE DID IT. AGAIN. Now, the fact that he hit his second home run of the season the day after Mickey Hatcher was relieved from his duties as the Angels’ hitting coach, is probably just as coincidental as his home run after his infamous day of rest. Either way, Pujols’ is gaining confidence at the plate. I could do without the routine fly-out to right field every game, but I’m willing to continue the baby steps pace for one of the game’s greatest hitters.

Kendrys Morales, Vernon Wells and Howie Kendrick have been piecing together RBIs and extra base hits in a timely manner. They’ve been a solid part of the Angels’ recent successes on offense. Wells is fighting for his position. He’s aware and is making it a point to let everyone else know that he doesn’t want to go anywhere. With another home run tonight, Wells might be finding his stroke again and that’s precisely what this team needs out of a veteran player.

Mark Trumbo continues to show off his power and timely hitting. His extra base hits have been nothing short of helpful for the Halos in their victories as of late. Although he has been moved around quite a bit on defense, Trumbo has found his comfortable spot in the line up and has made the most of it. With the way things have been going for him on offense, his momentum is a force to be reckoned with. 

A struggling Erik Aybar hit a double to get the Angels on the board this evening, and his double represented his first RBI in a couple of weeks. Aybar is a base runner and a small ball player that is necessary for the Angels’ success. An occasional shot off the outfield wall isn’t frowned upon either.

Jerome Williams threw with the best of ’em today. He pitched a solid eight innings before Jason Isringhausen took over in the ninth inning to close out the game. Williams is making a name for himself as a part of this Angels’ rotation. The more solid starts we can accumulate, the less we have to go to the bullpen for that extra (nail-biting) help.

Whereas I still choose to maintain a realistic mentality about the Angels and this progress they are making, I won’t let it take away from how exciting these wins have been. Seeing a glimpse of the team fans have known and loved is satisfying. For now, of course.

These next few games may be exactly what the Angels need to regain their confidence and do away with the pesky problems we’ve seen.

We’re all aware that the Angels have approximately 99 problems (give or take a few), but tonight, a pitch ain’t one.