Game Recap 5/22/12 : And?? – Angels 5 Athletics 0

I see a lot of people rejoicing on Twitter over todays game.


It’s not like this is the first time the team has clicked for one game before falling right off the wagon for an ugly stretch one or two games later. It pains me to say that but this win is really no big deal, aside from the fact that C.J Wilson was 1 hit away from a no-hitter. Yeah I know he gave up that hit in the fifth which really means there never was a serious no hitter threat to begin with, but it was still a treat to see him have such an outstanding performance. The offense “clicking” won’t excited me until I see it span over multiple series and not just one or two games here and there.

But yay for wins. Wooooooo

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Angels 5 Athletics 0

Game Notes

  • Holy Jesus did Dipoto strike some serious gold with Frieri. I can’t tell if the man is just an amazing judge of talent or this was a lucky move pulled straight outta his ass, but my god is Frieri an absolute terror out of the pen. I haven’t seen the Angels harbor this dominant of a reliever in quite a while, Downs has been pretty strong so far but his dominance does not come close to touching Frieri. His fastball is absolutely explosive, to the point where he, brace yourselves for this, has not given up a single hit in his time as an Angel, dating all the way back to May 5th. I don’t believe the Angels should really even flirt with the idea of giving Downs or Walden the closer job, I believe Frieri has earned the spot hands down. He hasn’t had any save opportunities yet, but no doubt in my mind once they start coming his performance will continue, though I do like the closer committee Scioscia has been running in the 9th, it’s been working beautifully so far.
  • Pujols got another hit today, REJOICE!!! Wait, it was another homerun?? My god STOP THE PRESSES!!!! Don’t quote me on this guys, but I think maybe Pujols will hit over 20 home runs after all!!! I don’t see him breaking over 30 guys, say what you will about that but his problems seem dip a little deeper than pure mental issues. His approach at the plate is lost, his strike zone control is close to out the window, and he’s struggling to make strong contact with the meatiest of all meatballs. Might need to see some big multi-homer games from him before I consider otherwise.
  • Aybar’s little hot streak might be in danger as he was removed from the game after receiving a HBP in the right knee at the top of the 7th. It’s a shame too because it really seemed like he was putting the pieces back together for a minute there, especially with his 2-out RBI that kept the Aybar express rolling forward. He’s only listed as day-to-day though so there’s no reason for immediate concern, we’ll just hope that this little detour won’t take too much away from him by the time he returns.
  • Don’t want to forget Wilson’s near no-no that came in a 8 IP 7 K performace. Just 1 hit given up along with 2 walks in his game tonight, more than enough redemption after his start against the ChiSox if you ask me. Can you say best free agent pickup? Not if you’re Albert Pujols you can’t

Other notable offensive performances: M.Trout 0-4 1BB 3K’s, M.Izturis 1-5 1R 1K, K.Morales 2-4 2R 1BB 1K, M.Trumbo 2-5 1RBI, H.Kendrick 1-3 1RBI 1K, P.Bourjos 1-4 1K, J. Hester 1-3 1BB

Halo Hero


Thank the lord, if it wasn’t for Godfrey’s struggles on the mound I don’t think the Angels would have had any shot of winning this ballgame.

Just to make sure, we’re talking about the same guy right?