Game Recap 5/23/12: Playing a game of inches – Angels 3, Athletics 1

I don’t know if I can take much more of this, but I’m not sure I have a choice. 

Angels 3, Athletics 1 

The Angels are chasing .500 one pitch at a time and that has allowed for these heart attack inducing games we’ve seen far too often throughout the season. They are taking the most precise route to this goal of reaching a .500 record before the all star break and it has become evident in their game play, win or lose.

The epic struggle to balance out this record has become the fans’ point of optimism (for those who have remained optimistic).

When a defense can hold an opposing team to one run, it’s always a decent day. Weaver sans Texas troubles has been the picture of consistency for the ball club. The defense behind him is worthy of praise for obvious reasons. 

Alberto Callaspo and Maicer Izturis are two of the most underrated players on the Angels and have been the two who are able to deliver when need be. Callaspo will only make things more difficult for Scioscia once Torii Hunter returns and the chaos that is our bench of outfielders remains.

As a fan, I live and die on every pitch with the knowledge that: one pitch can ruin an inning, one inning can ruin a game, one game can ruin a series, one series can ruin a record, and that record can ruin a season.

The Halos are truly playing a game of inches as they take baby steps towards finding their rhythm (and finding home plate).

With Seattle up next, everyone should know that there is not one team the Angels can or should take lightly. Consider this series important for the sake of momentum, if you don’t have it in you to consider a series against the Mariners all that serious in the first place.

Win for Garrett, at the very least.