Game Recap 5/9: I get by with a little help from my friends – Angels 6, Twins 2

Welcome to the club, Ervin Santana! 

Angels 6, Twins 2

Tonight’s offense finally gave the struggling Santana run support and his first win of the season.

Teamwork, go figure. 

I really like what I’ve been seeing from Mike Trout. As I have mentioned previously, Trout is the epitome of Angels baseball.  He makes watching the game that much more exciting and I cannot wait to see what he has to offer our offense in Texas this weekend. 

Although Albert Pujols hasn’t gone yard since this past weekend, I firmly believe that the series against Texas will give him the extra boost of adrenaline that he needs to continue his hot streak. He’s been hitting the ball incredibly hard and that’s all you can really ask out of a hitter. Hopefully he’ll find the gaps this weekend.

Let’s talk Texas.

This is the series I’ve been waiting for since the beginning of the season. That was also before I knew how rough of a start we were going to have. With the cards the Halos have been dealt, they are in no better position than they are now.

With C.J. Wilson on the hill against the Rangers’ new prodigy, Yu Darvish, it is certain to be an excellent match up. Wilson is returning to Texas for the first time since becoming and Angel and I’m sure he is more than stoked to face his old team. Especially Mike Napoli (see Twitter controversy). Issue behind the two of them or not, it’s still hilarious and let’s face it, people still remember that it happened. 

Tonight’s win was exactly what Santana and the Angels needed with their trip to Texas coming up. 

Expectations may not be high for the Halos, but that leaves room to prove people wrong. There is nothing quite as satisfying as proving someone wrong.