Game Recap 6/1/12 — Those footsteps are getting louder — Angels 4 Rangers 2

You here that Ranger Fans? That’s the sound of footsteps off in the distance. Sure, they’re faint and don’t always have the right rhythm but they are certainly growing louder by the day. If I were you I wouldn’t panic, but at least keep an eye on your rearview mirror. Remember, objects are closer than they appear…

Angels 4 Rangers 2

Game Notes

— Jerome Williams needs to start being talked about as a viable part of the Angel rotation and not some has been on a winning streak. Dude is 6-2 with a 3.68 ERA. I imagine there are a ton of teams who would take those numbers out of their 3 starter let alone their fifth. Which is great because without Weaver for a spell, Pink Puka is going to have to be this good for a while.
— This game had all the makings of an Angel Offense no show until John Hester of all people got the ball rolling with a ringing double to lead off the sixth. Which is good he did something because his defensive work on throwing runners out was abysmal. This has to be killing Scioscia to have two of the worst defensive catchers out there right now.
— I’m starting to think the back end of the bullpen might be more dominant that the vaunted KRod, Percival days. Scott Downs has not given up a run all year and excels at making Josh Hamilton look silly in the batter’s box, which is not an easy feat. Ernesto Frieri, Ernasty to us from this point forward, still hasn’t surrendered a hit as a Halo. And kudos to Mike for continuing his strategic use of the two of them interchangeably.

Halo Hero

Like it was going to be anyone else? Mike Trout is officially a big deal in Anaheim. 2-4 with three RBI’s in his first “put the team on my back” sort of performance. As my colleague Scotty Allen tweeted earlier, “I’d like to offer Mike Torut 15 years and 200 million.” Seems about right to me. One drawback, he’s going to need to work on his postgame interviews. Mikey is not the most riveting of subjects and for Pete’s sake spit the gum out will ya? “Paging Mr. Hunter, your charm class is now in sesssion”.