Game Recap 6/13/12: U-G-L-Y – Angels 2, Dodgers 1

That was pathetic. 

Angels 2, Dodgers 1

Tough love today, my friends. 

Although C.J. Wilson struggled with command this evening, he came to play. That seems to be something we can always count on Wilson to do. He gave up four hits through seven innings and even drew a walk at the plate. LaTroy Hawkins and Ernesto Frieri came in and got the job done in the final two innings, and the Halos’ offense is lucky that our bullpen showed up today. 

Things were looking up for a while, but the Angels are forever haunted by the LOB days of 2010 and 2011. The offense was as ugly as ever today. Thank goodness for Alberto Callaspo (who I will refer to as Mr. Unpredictable from this day forward) and Erik Aybar (…right?). Without those two, the Angels would have no runs on the board tonight and a big ol’ loss to carry back to Anaheim with them. The offense was in no shape to get much else done. 

A win a against the Dodgers is the greatest type of win for a lot of Angel fans out there, and we get to walk away with two of them. 

On an entirely unrelated note: Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants’ Matt Cain on his perfect game (14 Ks) against the Houston Astros tonight. That was something special, indeed.